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Halloween Carnival

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Don’t forget about the Halloween Carnival next Monday evening from 5 until 6:30 p.m. at the Community Building.

  • There will be costume and pumpkin contests. Pumpkins may be carved and/or decorated in any way.  Originality counts! Please do not cover up the number that has been written on the bottom of the pumpkin, and do not write your name anywhere on it.  You may use a pumpkin you have at home for the contest rather than the one that went home today, but please see what number was on the bottom of the original pumpkin, and write that in magic marker on the bottom of the new one. Many thanks to John & Shaunna Graham and Kathy & Larry Davidson for donating the pumpkins for the contest.
  • Kids can begin trick-or-treating right at the carnival.  Community members are encouraged to bring their treats and hand them out there! Doug and Jocelyn Plass will also be organizing group trick-or-treating after the carnival.
  • There will be games for the kids to enjoy as well as the fire department’s spook alley across the street from the Community Building.  (lots of fun for kids of all ages!)

Parents will also be providing a chili & soup dinner.  Please bring a pot of chili or soup or a salad or cornbread.  We will all share and then no one has to make dinner that night!  Please do not bring a dessert.  Parents planning the carnival  felt the kids would have plenty of sugar while trick-or-treating and wanted them to have a nutritious dinner first