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Sunday, February 5th, 2012

On Sunday, the fifth of February, the temperature at 10 a.m. was probably still only around zero at the Alturas Lake and Park Creek ski areas. All of the trails were groomed on Friday or Saturday and were looking nice… Skiing can be quite pleasant when the sun is high in the sky…

So get it while it’s hot and expect it to be cold.

Great beauty awaits,

enjoy life.

Good sawtooth ski trails

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

Saturday, the 4th of February is starting out as another cold clear day in the Sawtooths, with a temperature of about minus 11 at the ski trails at dawn.  On Friday at Park Creek, all trails were looking good with fresh grooming on lupine, camas, and shooting star, first with the compaction drag to try and flatten them out a bit, then with the ginzu to set both skate and classic tracks.  Packing of the sledding/ski hill for the school kids also began.  All trails are looking good. At Alturas Lake, Ginzu grooming took place on all trails to the east of the creek on Friday and North Cabin Creek was packed and rolled with 5 passes. It should now be pretty good for skate and touring but watch out for soft shoulders. The Trail to the Lake  was still looking really good and will be touched up again later today.


Friday, February 3rd, 2012

1-2 “ of new snow covered trails at Park Creek on Thursday  morning.   Subsequent grooming that day layed down some nice looking corduroyas well as fresh classic tracks on all trails. At Alturas Lake the trail to the lake was further widened and groomed for skate and classic as were Over the HIll Trail and South loop. The skate lane was refreshed on Sheep Thrills.


Snowmobile Report For February 1st, 2012

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Our trails are looking great here in Stanley.  The groomer has hit the trails from the Kelly Creek Loop to Stanley to Smiley Creek in recent days.  We have been seeing a few inches of new snow each day in the last few days.  Trails have been groomed from the Kelly Creek Loop to Bruce Meadow in the last week.

Avalanche danger is improving to moderate.  For up to date conditions see the local avalanche center site:

It looks like we are gearing up for some bluebird sunny days for this weekend.  Join us for some fun!


Ski Trails Improving

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

All of the trails at park creek were groomed with 2 passes of the ginzu on Tuesday.  Lupine, shooting star, camas, and skyrocket are looking good for both classic and skate.  Sego loop and larkspur are starting to shape up, but still very soft and no classic tracks.

At Alturas Lake on Tuesday, North Cabin Creek was packed with two rough snowmobile passes for the first time since the big storm and is only suitable for gonzo touring. All other trails were groomed with the ginzu for skate and classic and were looking good. The trail to the lake was also widened with 2 snowmobile passes prior to grooming. All trails are still soft but pleasantly skiable.