Pure Mountain Solitude, Found in Stanley, Idaho

Peace and quiet comes with the fall in the Sawtooths.  September and October in the Sawtooth Mountains is time to immerse yourself in the reflective, pristine solitude of Idaho’s most rugged and breathtaking high mountain valley of Stanley, Idaho.   After the summer bustle fades, fall reveals days that bask in glorious sunshine while the foliage of massive aspen groves explodes with eye-popping oranges, yellows and reds.

Take the trail less traveled and wander amid the giants to the base of waterfalls along galloping streams losing yourself in quiet contemplation.  It’s the time of year when nature puts on the show with nights so dark and stars so bright you’ll feel as though you’ve found a place no one else has discovered.

Begin and end days of hiking, biking, and wandering by relaxing in geothermal hot springs then walking the sleepy streets of Stanley.  You’ll be surprised by the great food and welcoming locals who passionately revere the quiet nature and laid back pace of their slice of paradise.

Outings of Solitude

Hike through whispering pines beneath sun drenched peaks

Photograph the stillness of sunrise and sunset on the Sawtooth Mountains

Wander along the banks of a mirror-glassed high mountain lake

Soak in quiet contemplation in geothermal hot springs

Dine in cozy restaurants with friendly locals

Cast a line in the beautiful Salmon River