Snowmobiling to Bruce Meadows

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

We are in search of new snow and big playgrounds.  The day is overcast but I’m doubtful we will get any new snow.  We load up on our machines and head out from Boundary Creek Parking lot.  There is no one in sight; I bet we get this whole big playground to ourselves!  We zip along only to stop a short way up the trail to view a small avalanche slide that didn’t quite make it to the trail.  My friend comments that if this was a big snow year the slide could have easily covered the trail that we are on.  Heading out again we go down towards Bruce Meadows.  The snow is firm and you can travel easily on the top making for a great time to explore areas that you would normally get stuck trying to get to.  We decide to take a break next to the Bruce Meadows airstrip.  My snowmobiling buddy tells me stories of how many an airplane has wrecked down here at this airport.  We make a date to come back in the summer to explore and see what we can find.  It is always fascinating to see what a place looks like in the winter and the summer.  It’s time to head back to the truck…as we sit and procrastinate leaving it starts to snow.