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    With ski trails icy hard in the morning and mash potato like by afternoon, grooming is fast reaching an end in the Sawtooth Valley for this season.
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    On Saturday and Sunday at the Alturas Lake ski area, Davinius groomed all trails to the east of Alturas Lake Creek for skate and classic, until he ran out of gas.
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    As temperatures drop, grooming has begun again at the Sawtooth ski areas. At Park Creek, Camas, Lupine and Shooting Star were groomed for skate and classic on Wednesday. Skyrocket is scheduled fo...
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    Low temperatures that have not dropped below freezing, along with highs skyrocketing into the 50’s daily, have considerably shrunk the snowpack and prevented grooming efforts at the Sawtooth cro...
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    On Friday, March 10th, Tibetan Uprising Day, after reflecting on the Tibetan proverb, “The wise pursue understanding, fools follow the reports of others”, Davinius has suspended ...
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    On Friday,  despite warm snow conditions, all Park Creek ski trails were rolled and a classic track set on Camas, Lupine and Shooting Star. More grooming this morning should result in good t...
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    On Thursday, the 2nd of March, the old groomer Davinius and Walter, the famous Swiss single pole skier, met on the frozen shores of Alturas Lake. Davinius had just ginzu groomed the trail  f...
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    On Tuesday, the last day of February, all trails to the east of Alturas Lake creek were groomed for skate skiing and touring and looked GREAT! A broken drive belt slowed progress for a short time and ...
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    “I sure miss the polar bears. Their babies are so warm and cuddly and trusting, just like ours.” – Kurt VonnegutI’d rather write about polar bears than people. – Mar...
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    On February 25th, all ski trails at Alturas lake except for North Cabin were ginzu groomed for skate and touring. Although a bit narrow and dishy in spots, they appeared to be much improved... lo...
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