8 Reasons to Visit Stanley in the Winter


If you love Stanley in the summer, you need to experience it blanketed in snow. It’s time to take your wanderlust to a new level and explore the winter recreation activities and natural beauty in the Sawtooth Valley. All you need are warm clothes and an adventurous spirit. The solitude and enduring memories will keep you coming back.

Nordic Skiing
If you can shuffle your feet, you can cross-country ski! Discover your new favorite groomed trails at Park Creek and Alturas Lake. Whether you cross-country or skate ski, you’ll enjoy the cardio workout, awe-inspiring scenery and fresh mountain air.

Backcountry Skiing
Untracked powder, expansive views and unmatched terrain take backcountry skiing to the next level.  Sawtooth Mountain Guides  can guide you into carving your own path in this rugged wilderness. And a getaway in a yurt at the base of  Williams Peak  should be on everyone’s bucket list. It’s winter glamping at its best!

Are you up for some thrilling, stupefying snowmobiling adventures? Traverse through breathtaking winter scenery on a groomed trail or veer off to break your own trail. If you don’t have a sled, rent one at  Smiley Creek Lodge . Be a Stanley sledhead!

Sled on a groomed hill with Sawtooth Mountain views that’ll knock your mittens off. Plan a family fun day at Park Creek. Bring a sled, laundry basket, saucer, innertube, toboggan or a piece of cardboard. You get the idea…..just get out there and play with your kids!

Ice Skating
Did you know Stanley has an ice skating rink? It’s true! Grab a pair of skates from the shed next to the rink and skate to your heart’s content.

It’s the perfect alternative to skiing! Take it all in at a slower pace while carrying on a conversation with your BFF. Snowshoe on the groomed road into Redfish Lake. It’s a must-see winter wonderland.

Wildlife Viewing
The bears may be hibernating, but the snow is pushing other animals into the valley. Any of the scenic byways into Stanley provide visitors with glimpses of wildlife. Get your camera ready for shots of elk, deer, fox, coyotes, eagles, hawks, snowshoe hare plus the elusive moose and wolves.

Salmon River and Sawtooth Mountains…..it’s all the inspiration you need!

Embrace winter in Stanley!

Do. Sleep. Eat.

Blog written by Erica Cole