A Stanley Summer


Many people from all around the world strive to spend a summer in a place such as Stanley. Most of those people came here specifically for the job, but upon arriving, got more than they bargained for. They arrive with the expectation of a simple job, in a small town, with simple people. However, no job is simple, this town grows incredibly in size in the summer, and the people are phenomenal. This town is truly unlike any other.

I personally moved here from across the country, Pennsylvania to be exact. I moved for my job, and I have never looked back. Many other employees of various businesses have found themselves in similar situations. People have moved here from Asia, Bulgaria, Florida, and California, to name a few. All stretches of the world have found a connection unlike any other in the Sawtooth mountain range.

Dancing in Stanley, ID | Stanley Chambers

Photo Credit: Ellen Libertine

You may be asking yourself, what is it that makes this place so special for so many of us? The answer is simple, yet complex. Go take a walk down Ace of Diamonds, have some pizza at Papa Bruneeā€™s and ice cream at Stanley Scoops. Walk through Riverwear and grab some coffee next door at Peaks and Perks. Every person in this town has a story, so go find out what it is.

locals in Stanley, ID | Stanley Chambers

Photo Credit: Ellen Libertine

A Stanley summer provides the seasonal employees the opportunity to learn and grow both professionally and personally. It allows for exploration of a new area, and wonderful memories to be had. We meet each other early in the season, and from there many friendships are made. When you walk into a business on the weekend to get information, have a burger, or just hang out, there is bound to be countless people that you have met, and countless more to meet.

Photo Credit: Sarah Cawley

So when you are out and about in our town, ask everyone you meet a different question! What are our hobbies? Where are we from? What are our plans down the road? Ask a question to everyone, and you will get different answers no matter where they are in Stanley. However, if you ask why we are here, we will all use different words to describe the underlying same answer, we love it here in Stanley, Idaho.