Alpine Lakes Report


Here is a photo of Sawtooth Lake and Alpine Lake as of June 26, 2016. Sawtooth Lake looks pretty frozen over still doesn't it. But I have good news!! I just flew over Sawtooth Lake last night (June 29th) and the lake is almost completely thawed out. Although there is still quite a bit of snow around the edges of the lake. So, for the folks that were asking about their back country hiking/camping trip at the end of July I think that you will be able to do it. Especially with these hot days. Now I had the pleasure of flying low and slow around Thompson Peak last Sunday and noticed the alpine lakes at the base. The highest lake was still quite frozen over but the other little one below was thawed out. It's definitely the hot tip right now for hikers and climbers. Don't forget your water! It's a nice long trek around the mountain. Cj Sherlock