Alpine Lakes Report #4: Take A Hike!


Alpine Lakes Report 6-22-2018

Here's the latest from the Sawtooths. With the warm sunny weather the majority of the lakes we flew over have opened up with the exception of a few remaining shaded lakes. Moving into July trails are beginning to dry up and creek crossings are settling down. As with any backcountry hike remember to avoid cutting switchbacks and creating new paths to minimize your impact on trails. With only a few flights remaining we want to see what you're seeing from the ground! Tag us in your summer hiking photos from your favorite lakes on our instagram @stanley_id

We also want to thank Jeff and CJ again for volunteering their time to bring us these awesome opportunities to see the mountains from above. Photos by @byriverpine . Now, let's dive on in!


Pilot in the plane Stanley, ID | Stanley Chambers Mountains in Stanley, ID dusted with snow | Stanley Chambers

McGown Peak 9,860'

Flying over Stanley Lake and around McGown Peak it is remarkable how green the surrounding areas are this year. What a difference a few weeks makes up here. McGown is an iconic mountain in the Sawtooths and one of the first peaks to greet you when driving in on Highway 21. A popular hike to Bridal Veil and Lady Face Falls begins at the lake following the base of the mountain providing a low elevation option for those looking for a moderate hike.

Overlook of the mountains in Stanley, ID | Stanley Chambers

Hanson Lakes 7,972'

For those looking for an overnight option, push on a little further to the gorgeous Hanson Lakes.

Mount Reagan Stanley, ID | Stanley Chambers

Mount Regan 10,190'

 Many would recognize Regan's NE facing slope but few make it around the back side to check out the Trail Creek Lakes, although as you can see this area is still holding snow. Can you spot the frozen lake tucked right into the shade? 

Sawtooth Lake Stanley, ID | Stanley Chambers

Sawtooth Lake 8,435'

Just a few ice cubes left at Sawtooth Lake, which are almost assuredly gone by now. The biggest alpine lake in the Sawtooths and a personal favorite this 11 mile round-trip hike offers a quintessential alpine experience. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the south end of the lake to check out a series of unnamed lakes, the extra mileage is well worth it!

Goat Lake Stanley, ID | Stanley Chambers

Goat Lake 8,220'

A premiere destination for hikers comfortable with scrambling and route finding. This hidden gem reveals its turquoise blue waters as a reward to hikers for this strenuous climb. For the uninitiated, Goat Falls lies ahead of you on your way to the top.

Beautiful view of the mountains from the plane in Stanley, ID | Stanley Chambers

Goat Falls

Thompson and William Peaks Stanley, ID | Stanley Chambers

Thompson 10,751' and Williams Peaks 10,635'

Just around the corner the two tallest peaks in the Sawtooths can easily be seen throughout the Stanley area.

Grand Mogul Stanley, ID | Stanley Chambers

Grand Mogul 9,733'

Rounding out this flight we took a quick peak up the Redfish Creek drainage, the access point for many backpackers and day trippers looking to venture deeper into the mountains. Although you can hike the 4 miles along the lake, we highly recommend taking the ferry across Redfish for those wanting a jump start on getting into the backcountry!

Mountain Range Stanley, ID | Stanley Chambers

 One last shot before heading back. Who could ever get enough of these mountain views? Have fun hiking out there and be smart! Need help planning your trip, come see us at the visitor center when you get to town.