Alpine Lakes Report


Snow covered mountains Stanley, ID | Stanley Chambers

Can anyone tell me what lake this is??? Hard to believe that this particular lake could still have so much snow and be completely frozen over. I’m sure the majority of you that are familiar with the area have already guessed that this is the front and back side of Sawtooth Lake as of June 4th. A friend of mine went hiking up the Iron Creek trail on June 3rd and she got as far as the big creek crossing before she was unable to continue on due to large snow fields. So if you are ambitious then bring your snow shoes, heck maybe even your skis?!? That brings a whole new outlook on Spring skiing!

Spring ski slopes Stanley, ID | Stanley Chambers

Check Goat Lake out, it’s starting to melt around the edges and there is water coming down from the waterfall but, just like it’s neighbor Sawtooth Lake there is a lot of snow up here still in the high country.

Bench Lakes Stanley, ID | Stanley Chambers

Here is the Bench Lakes – Looks like you wouldn’t have too much snow to overcome on the lower lakes but definitely the upper ones are still in the process of melting.

We flew over Yellow Belly, Hell Roaring and Petit Lake and they were all melted off and ready for people who love the outdoors!

My great friend Jeff Welker is the amazing pilot that flew me over the Sawtooths yesterday and weather permitting we will be able to fly over the Sawtooths again very soon to bring you another Alpine Lakes Report.

-CJ Sherlock