Alpine Lakes Report!


Ok, I just checked the weather report for this weekend. Did you know that in Boise and Twin Falls it is going to be 92 degrees on Sunday! Compared to the absolutely perfect weather in Stanley with a high of 73. You need to come up and play here! This is a great view of Redfish Lake. You'd be crazy not to go and dive in, listen to some live music and enjoy the atmosphere. Maybe you like to hike a bit? Find some hot springs, or see if you can even encounter snow. I guarantee that you will find that snow you are looking for especially if you are heading towards Sawtooth Lake. I know you can make it to Alpine Lake as it is completely thawed out. But here is a picture of Sawtooth Lake.

Sawtooth Lake Frozen Stanley, ID | Stanley Chambers

Yep, still a bit frozen so bring your snowshoes! Goat Lake is thawing out more but still has quite a bit of ice and snow on top of it as well. The Bench Lakes are all completely thawed out except for the upper most one. Almost there but not quite. So, get outside and enjoy some really nice weather up here in Stanley. Cj Sherlock