Beyond the Stanley Summer


Some young trees with a blue sky | Stanley Chamber

Photo Credit: Ellen Libertine

Look out your window. Do you see the leaves changing colors? Do you see the bright yellows and golds of the aspen trees that line the mountain side? If you are not in Stanley, what is it that shows that the season is changing, and that fall is here? There are many identifiers across the whole country that shows the changing of seasons. Many restaurants and coffee joints proudly display their “Pumpkin Spice” in their windows. Pumpkin patches are turning bright orange. Apple picking season is here. There are so many indications that fall is here, so let’s look at some of the ones in Stanley.

As we all know, Stanley is a summer hub. There are thousands of people every summer that flock to Stanley to enjoy the nice temperatures and cool waters. Now that school is back in session, there are fewer and fewer people in town every day. The evenings are cold, many times below freezing already, and we wake up with frost across our lawns and the mountains hiding behind a layer of fog.

A picture of trees in a valley | Stanley Chamber

Photo Credit: Ellen Libertine

So what is there to do now that it is getting cold and places are slowly going to be closing for the winter? Go out and explore!! Yes, it’s getting chilly, but town is still as exciting as it ever was! Go grab a warm cup of coffee from any local restaurant in the morning to help you wake up and shake off the bitter cold. Then layer up and go for a hike. The brisk air will refresh you and rejuvenate you. Every day is an exciting adventure so get out there and enjoy it all.

A photo of a trail leading into a forest | Stanley Chamber

Photo Credit: Ellen Libertine

Some of the campground in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area will be closing within the coming weeks. For up-to-date information please visit and click on the site that you wish to use. Other closures and information can be found on the Stanley Chamber of Commerce webpage at . Our website has the phone numbers of every lodging resource and restaurant in town, so feel free to give them a call!

A photo of a sunset over a dirt lot | Stanley Chamber

Even though the summer is over, it does not mean that the fun has ended in Stanley! Next week we will be talking about the winter activities that Stanley has to offer. The summer has flown by, but the winter will also be fun, as long as you dress warm and like snow. Post your fall adventures in and around Stanley on our Facebook page or tag us in a picture on Instagram @stanley_id. We would love to hear about your fall adventures!

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