Gerheim Gallery


Thad Gerheim has the talent of being able to capture awe-inspiring landscapes through his photographs that are displayed at the  Gerheim Gallery  in Stanley, Idaho. This nature-themed gallery opened in the Stanley Town Square in June 2012.

The dramatic photo of ‘Old Snag’ draws visitors into the Gallery.

How does Thad capture his inspirational images?

Thad shoots with a 5×7 and 8×10 Deardorff camera which uses  large format film  (not digital) for the image quality and management. The higher resolution, vivid colors, warmer texture and crisper images captures the essence of nature. Since he uses large format film, the composition has to connect with him before he takes the shot.

Can you believe Thad’s newest camera is 20 years old and his oldest camera is 60 years old?

Thad grew up 30 miles east of Pittsburgh. He found his passion for photography at the age of 13 when his Scout Master, Alan, let him use his Yaschica camera. They built a darkroom in the basement of the boy scouts meeting room. Thad began developing his photos that focused mainly on the visual elements of patterns and texture, like willows and waves.

Thad continues to have texture in his photographs. You can see it in the foreground of his photos such as blades of grass, rocks or logs. The texture gives you the feeling of being right there in the moment as if you were taking the picture.

The tonality of his photographs is smooth and gives his photos depth. It’s subtle, but resonates when it’s put together. The layers in his photos add to this depth.

Do you love nostalgic photos? One wall in the Gerheim Gallery is dedicated to historic digital photos. Stanley’s good ol’ days are portrayed in snapshots including the Stanley Rodeo Grounds, Sunbeam Dam, 1936 Cowboys and Stanley Sled Dogs. The  platinum/palladium printing process  was used for a couple of the photos. Visit the gallery and guess which ones!

Wonders of Wildness  is a hardback book with 101 color and black and white photos by Thad Gerheim. The photos are taken near the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness plus the Sawtooth, White Cloud and Salmon River Mountains. It’s the perfect gift for those who love central Idaho.

Some of Thad Gerheim’s large photographs (mainly 36” x 45”) on display include:

  • Elephants Perch
  • Little Redfish Lake
  • Lower Stanley
  • Spangle Lake
  • Stanley Lake

Don’t worry about getting it home — Thad will ship the photograph you simply can’t live without.

It’s not all about photography in the Gerheim Gallery.  Artists  who display their work at the gallery include:

  • Claudia Whitten – kilnfired glass
  • Don King – fine art chairs
  • Tab Stuart – metal sculpture
  • Tim Norman – bronze sculpture
  • Fluff Wood – silver engraved jewelry
  • Marlise Stroes – marble

The next time you are in Stanley, visit the Gerheim Gallery (open daily 10am – 6pm). The natural beauty of this area is captured brilliantly in Thad’s photographs. Remember Stanley all year long with a photograph from the Gerheim Gallery.

Blog written by Erica Cole