Last Ski Trails Packed


Warning, this report is not guaranteed to be accurate with regards to times, dates, the names of those involved, or what might generally be considered the facticity of these events. It has been enhanced literally and photoshoppily for dramatic effect. On Monday and Tuesday, intrepid groomers, Davinius and the Yankeeforker, finally overcame their fear of getting stuck in the deep untracked snow, and revving sputtering snowmobiles, they climbed the steep slopes of Skyrocket and North Cabin, the trickiest trails to groom at Park Creek and Alturas Lake.

Getting stuck pretty quickly, and shoveling plenty of pow-pow, they drove out of giant snow holes that went right down to the frozen earth. Careening on, flipping, flopping and flailing along the high drifted ridge lines, they packed out these last two elusive routes for the first time this season. Additional grooming should eventually smooth things out. All the other trails continue to improve. No classic tracks at Park Creek yet but coming soon. The Trail to Alturas Lake was looking “relatively” great for both classic and skate. Skiers should expect blowing snow to drift and fill in corduroy and classic grooves where the trails cross open meadows.

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