Like a Bird Over the Sawtooths


Nothing is better...flying over the Sawtooths like a bird. Seeing the changes with the weather and what is has caused and catching it in a picture. I don't think these photos do the wildness justice. To really see just how amazingly beautiful and treacherous the terrain really is. A few amazing people hike these Sawtooths; some as if it is natural, for others it is a challenging feat they have accomplished. But I can guarantee that all are amazed with the scenery and splendor of the great Sawtooths. If only I didn't need that airplane to fly around the mountain tops, can you imagine what the feeling would be? The air around your face, the feeling of how high you are or the pure joy of floating the air currents. But I have to "settle" with the airplane and still, I realize, just how lucky I am to be floating those air currents with the eagles.

Sawtooth mountains from plane window Stanley, ID | Stanley Chambers

Sawtooth mountains from the plane Stanley, ID | Stanley Chambers

Life is pretty good.... CJ Sherlock