McCoy's Fishing Report for July 11, 2016


Summer fishing is in full swing. The Chinook salmon season is going strong and Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game report today that we will have ” at least another week of fishing for chinook salmon and probably two”. Rainbow Trout have been stocked in the Upper Salmon River from Decker Flats ( about 18 miles upstream from the City of Stanley) , to Stanley and downstream to Torrey’s Hole (about another 20 miles downriver), Valley Creek, the Sawtooth Kid’s Pond at the Sawtooth Hatchery, the Yankee Fork Dredge Ponds, and Bull Trout Lake this past week. Stanley Lake , Alturas Lake and Perkins Lake have also been stocked. Native ( catch and release on these ) Bull Trout and Cutthroat Trout are also running in the Salmon River. Still some Lake Trout being caught in Stanley Lake. They are going deep now. Come get your summer fishing fix and enjoy the great summer weather in the Sawtooth Country. Courtesy of  McCoy’s Tackle and Gift Shop , 710 Ace of Diamonds St. Stanley, Idaho 83278