Preparing for a Winter Visit


It’s only November and we have snow on the ground, bitter cold temperatures, and limited alpine access. However, this scene is one of beauty and serenity for anyone that ventures through. The seclusion that Stanley provides is unlike any other. You can walk the quite streets with the snow falling all around as the Sawtooth Mountains stand tall as a picturesque background, with smoke lazily swirling out of the chimneys. How can you prepare for your winter trip?

Most of what the preparation is going to be is just being ready for the quiet and the cold. Stanley is a wonderful place to sit and regroup. Taking the time for yourself to relax from your busy life is incredibly important. Now is the time to think about a small vacation, right? Most people want to go to beaches, or amusement parks, or other relatively warm places, but not us, not you. There is something deep down inside that is calling you back to this quiet little town in the Sawtooth Valley. Something is calling you, and sometimes you have to answer it.

When you are packing your bag for this trip, leave the flip flops at home! No matter where you go in town you will need your boots. Whether it is hiking boots, snow boots, or rain boots, bring them with you with some extra warm socks. Just the other morning it was 6 degrees at 9 AM. I wouldn’t want to be caught without warm socks at that time!

Another important factor in preparing for winter here in Stanley is to ensure that you have proper layers. I would prefer to have too many layers on that I can then remove, then be stuck outside when the wind starts blowing in a simple pair of jeans. Long johns, leggings, or flannel lined pants are some of the best options. It is also necessary to keep your core warm. Adding extra layers to your core is a good idea, such as Under Armour tops (or other like brands), vests, flannels, etc.

Now most of this is common sense. However, it is easy to forget certain items when the excitement of a trip hits us as we pack. Here is a simple check list for you all of things that I would recommend, especially if you plan on spending any time in the outdoors.

  • Winter Jacket
  • Snowpants
  • Long johns (or something similar)
  • Under Armour (or something similar)
  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • Hand Warmers
  • Scarf
  • Snowshoes, skis, skates (when the ice rink is prepared) etc.
  • Tire chains for your car (if necessary)
  • The love for adventure, peace, and Stanley!

Now you are packed and ready for your time in Stanley. Old man winter can be harsh here, but now you have to think about what you want to do while you are here. Stay tuned for a new blog post on the different winter activities you can enjoy as you visit our quiet little town.