Ski Trails Good?


At 11 o’clock on the first day of 2017, the temperature near the Alturas Lake Ski area was a balmy 17 degrees. Of course, that information from the Smiley Creek Airport weather station was published automatically and could not be guaranteed as to accuracy or timeliness. “That’s like the trail grooming reports”, thought Davinius, “NOT GUARANTEED!!!” When he or the Grooming Yankeeforker thought that the trails were in “pretty good shape” or “looking really good” it probably reflected a rather optimistic point of view and the knowledge that the trails had just been so much worse after that last storm… just soft meandering troughs through deep drifts and snow dunes. On Saturday, at Alturas Lake, a long stretch of classic track was added from the bridge to the lake. That stretch of the trail, while still rough and far from perfect, is certainly skiable. The trails to the East of Alturas Creek were all touched up with ginzu passes and looked to be in “pretty good shape.”

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