Snows continue at Alturas Lake


It’s screaming crazy!!! On Monday, the 12th of December, the birthday of artist Edvard Munch, snow is falling down and piling up at the Alturas Lake ski area. Yesterday, the following trails were compacted and rolled after the weekend’s massive snow dump… Sheep Thrills, South Loop, Over the Hill and the Trail to the Lake as far as the bridge junction. These trails are still narrow and very rough with no classic tracks but suitable for simple touring. The groomer is hoping to reach Alturas Lake today. Expect more rough trails. “I skied with two friends, Edvard, the artist and Davinius, the old groomer. Then the sun sank. Suddenly the sky filled with snow … My friends skied on, and I was left alone, trembling with fear. I felt as if all nature were filled with one mighty unending scream… It’s snowing!”

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