Spring in the Backcountry


Spring Fever has set in so Thea the Siberian husky and I drop off the snowmobile on a fairly secluded ridge in the Stanley Basin. I unstrap my snowshoes from my sled and put them on. We plan to head along the ridge to meet up with my good friend whom rode his sled up to the top. I’m unsure what the snow will be like with these long, warm days and cold nights but the snowshoeing is actually perfect. We still have great snow coverage and the snow is firm enough to travel on top. There are all sorts of tracks I see on top of the snow; fox, coyote, snowshoe hare, Thea and me!

The weather is perfect in the Spring, and I feel like we are the only two around for miles. We head on up the ridge, at first a gradual climb that abruptly turns into a sharp incline. I stop for a second and look up, picking the best route up this “hill” then head on up. Pacing myself so I don’t get too winded, I glance at Thea and notice this isn’t that difficult for her. She’s being so good to walk with me, I know that she wants to race to the top and meet Jeff. She’s certain there is a cookie buried in the snow for her to find. I look down at her and see her pleading brown eyes, I know that’s her favorite thing ever is to find buried cookies. I give her the go ahead and she takes off like a shot. I look after her in wonder and jealousy as I was left her snow dust. Well, time to keep moving and get to the top! As I make it up to the top, there is Jeff and Thea (she’s already found the cookie) to greet me.

There’s no traffic and no noise, just what the doctor ordered – peaceful solitude.

CJ Sherlock

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