Stanley-Sawtooth Cowboy Poetry & Music Gathering


Fasten your western bling belt, put on your fanciest cowboy boots, don your ten gallon hat and round up your family and friends…..we’re going to the 6th Annual Stanley-Sawtooth Cowboy Poetry & Music Gathering!

Poets, singers, songwriters and musicians are gathering in Stanley on Labor Day weekend to share with you their cowboy lifestyle. Riding the range is a tough life filled with hard work, love, loss and laughter. These cowboys transferred their experiences into poetry and western music. The results are truly electrifying.

Here’s a video preview from a husband and wife duo,  Stampede .

Cowboy poetry has a long history dating back to when cowboys gathered around the campfire after a long day’s work and passed the time with tall tales and folk songs. Through the years, the cowboys stayed true to the tradition of rhyme and meter while telling stories of the American West. The cowboy way and the cowboy values are still alive and well in all of the 2017 performers.

This year’s Stanley Cowboy Gathering has all of our returning favorites plus some new additions including 13 year old Thatch Elmer. Bring your kids — they will be entertained too! Here’s your chance to  meet the cowboys  before the shows.

Experience the Cowboy Gathering at various places around Stanley. You don’t need to purchase tickets, just a small donation at the show.

Friday, September 1
1pm: River 1’s back deck
3pm: Mountain Village Saloon Porch
6pm: Stanley Town Square

Saturday, September 2
1pm: Redfish Lake Lodge
3pm: Stanley Town Square
5pm: Bar-B-Q at the Stanley Town Square
6:pm: Stanley Town Square

On Saturday at the 6pm session, the drawing will be held for the Sawtooth Mountain Mamas quilt. Tickets are only $1 and can be purchased at various businesses in Stanley or at the Cowboy Gathering.

The Stanley Cowboy Gathering is organized by the Sawtooth Mountain Mamas. These amazing Mamas have been a pillar to the Stanley community since 1976. Not only are they a social network for the women of the Sawtooth Valley, they raise funds and  support local organizations . Thank you, Sawtooth Mountain Mamas, for your continued dedication and for sponsoring the Stanley Cowboy Gathering since 2012!

Through their lyrical storytelling, you can experience the beauty and challenges of ranching from cowboys who embraced the lifestyle. They will have you laughing, crying and tapping your feet (sometimes all at the same time). You may even find yourself yodeling! Now won’t that be a great Facebook post?

The Cowboy Gathering draws visitors, locals, cowpokes, bronco-busters and urban cowboys to Stanley so jump on the bandwagon and join us on Labor Day Weekend!

Blog written by Erica Cole