Terminalian Ski Trails


On February 23rd, the last day of the year in the old Roman calendar and the feast day of Terminus, the Roman diety who ruled over boundaries, we celebrate Terminalia and the psychogeographic cross country ski areas at Alturas Lake and Park Creek. Skiers are encouraged to drift about the trails, attentive to their senses and emotions as they relate to place and the natural environment around them. Swish, swish, glide, ooooooo, ahhhhhhh, ommmmmmmm…. At Park Creek on Wednesday, Lupine, Camus and Shooting Star were rolled and Ginzu groomed for skate and classic. At Alturas Lake, the Trail to the Lake as far as the junction, Over the Hill, Sheep Thrills and South Loop were rolled.

Source Url: http://stanleycc.org/terminalian-ski-trails/