The Mountain Mama's of Stanley


In every small town there is always a group of ladies who run the show. Here in Stanley, Idaho the Sawtooth Mountain Mama’s is that group of women. These ladies get together about once a month in order to discuss certain topics throughout the town, and to mainly have fun. However, what is it that these ladies actually do for and around the town? This group came together in order to provide the community with funds and support to various local organizations and to be a social network for the women of the valley. Some of the local organizations that have gained their support are the EMTs, Stanley Library, the fire department, the Stanley school, and many, many more. They work hard in order to ensure that this town can run smoothly. And many of these funds come from the large amounts of fundraisers they do throughout the year.

These fundraisers include the Mountain Mama’s Arts and Crafts Fair, the Cowboy Gathering, and the Quilt Raffle. The Arts and Crafts Fair is a large production right next to the Mountain Village Mercantile as soon as you get in town on Highway 21. There are over 140 vendors there this year, and will occur on July 16 and 17, 2016. Vendors from all over the Northwest come to Stanley, Idaho to give us a one of a kind experience and the ability to purchase directly from these talented craftsmen. Don’t miss out on the 40th annual Craft Fair this weekend!

Craft Fair Stanley, ID | Stanley Chambers

Photo Credit: Mountain Mama's

The Cowboy Gathering is a chance for us to get back to our western roots and listen to music and poetry that has direct western influence. It’s “toe-tappin’ fun for the whole family!” The quilt that is raffled every year is hand-made by one of the mama’s and is always exquisite and unique. You can buy raffle tickets at various locations around town including the Stanley Museum, Elk Mountain Resort, Redfish Lake Lodge, and many other locations, for one dollar a ticket. All proceeds go towards the Sawtooth Search and Rescue Building Fund.

Cowboy Gathering Stanley, ID | Stanley Chambers

Photo Credit: Laurii Gadwa

The Mountain Mama’s are currently looking for enthusiastic people who would like to volunteer their time and give back to this wonderful community that we have here. If you would like to learn more about this amazing group of ladies, visit . They encourage the help of all community members, not just women! So volunteer, give back, and most of all have fun with the Sawtooth Mountain Mama’s!