View From Mt. Heyburn and the Alpine Lakes


Ever wonder what Mt. Heyburn looks like other than from the climbing perspective? Here is a bird eye’s view as of today. As you can tell you should probably wait a few days before attempting this particular climb as it is still pretty covered in snow. Just in a weeks time the snow has melted at an amazing rate. The Alpine Lakes are melting fast. In the order that I flew over them today Sawtooth Lake is still frozen over with quite a bit of snow but in just seven days Alpine Lake has thawed out. Goat Lake is still frozen over but you can see water at the edges and the waterfall below Goat Lake is flowing fast. Marshall Lake is completely thawed out, in fact I bet you can hike into it now. The lower Bench Lakes have thawed out but the upper most Bench Lake is still a bit frozen over. Hell Roaring is definitely doable and even Imogen has thawed out. I bet you would run across a few snow fields trying to hike into Imogen and would even have to look for a spot without snow if you wanted to camp. Profile Lake above Imogen is still quite frozen over.

As you can see there are quite a few lower Alpine Lakes that aren’t frozen over and easily accessible. See you on the trails!

Alpine Lake Stanley, ID | Stanley Chambers

Cj Sherlock