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Alpine Lakes Report #3: Snow is Disappearing!

Alpine Lakes Report #3:  Snow is Disappearing!

Alpine Lakes Report 06-10-2018


*Note* Sorry for getting this one out late!  The changes from our last post are significant.  Jeff and CJ are doing a rockin' job, shoot us an email if there's a specific trail you'd like us to check out.  We'll do our best to snap a shot.


The clouds were rolling in and a cold front of weather was heading our way.  If we want to know how the alpine lakes are faring then this was going to be our only chance this weekend.  I was expecting some turbulence but was pleasantly surprised on how nice the air was at 11,500 feet above the Sawtooths.  The first lake we head over is Hanson Lakes, and just as I suspected they are completely thawed out.


But check out Sawtooth Lake; I see water!  Finally a break in the ice and Alpine Lake is almost completely free of snow and ice – I bet you could hike up there with minimal snow issues.


Sawtooth Lake


Alpine Lake (8337’) below Sawtooth Lake (8435’)



Goat Lake 8220’

I was able to get a good shot of Goat Lake today and like Sawtooth Lake it’s pretty frozen over still but starting to thaw out.  Jeff and I skirt around the North side of the Sawtooths and head towards the Bench Lakes.  Those are thawing out fast, in fact it looks like the upper lakes are almost completely thawed out.  There’s a good place to go fishing!


Bench Lakes (7749’ to 8365’), there are 5 of them, Redfish Lake in the background (6547’)



Lake Imogen 8430’

The summer sun has made a lot of progress on Imogen Lake, just last week there was still a bit of ice there..  We head over towards Alice Lake and here is a great view of both Alice Lake and Twin Lakes.  It gives you a great idea on what elevation the lakes are mostly thawed out at.  Alice Lake is thawed out and Twin Lakes aren’t.


Alice Lake 8602’ – Twin Lakes 8858’

Jeff and I turned around and headed back to Stanley at this point but did fly over Garland Lakes in the White Clouds.  They look thawed out but I think a hike up there would give you some challenges in dealing with some snow along the way.


Garland Lakes (8845’ to 8930’) there are 8 of them.


Until next week everyone! 


-Cj Sherlock





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