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Stanley, Idaho, has earned a reputation for its epic backcountry rides, many single-track trails, and zero crowds. If you have not ridden in Stanley, you're about to discover one of your new favorite places to recreate! The surrounding area boasts miles of pristine bike trails through colossal mountain meadows, past cascading streams, and over high mountain passes. Stanley's location at the crossroads of Highway 21 and Highway 75 makes it a road rider's dream. Valley rides offer incredible views of the Sawtooth, Whitecloud, and Salmon River mountain ranges with aerobic challenges of mountain passes. You can pedal for weeks and never ride the same trails twice!

Contact a Biking Guide in Stanley, Idaho

Biking the endless miles of wilderness surrounding Stanley gives you a great perspective on life and nature. While offering a sense of peace, it can also be humbling, especially if you are new to using maps and worry about getting lost.

A biking guide can:

  • Ensure you stay on course
  • Help with bike maintenance
  • Provide the gear you need
  • Cook meals for you (if on a multi-day bike tour)
Contact a Biking Guide in Stanley, Idaho

What to Know Before You Go Biking in Stanley, Idaho

What are some of the best riding trails near Stanley, Idaho?

Check out our blog, "An Insider's Guide to the Mountain Biking in Stanley, Idaho," for information on some of our favorite trails. The guide includes information about Elk Mountain Loop, Redfish Lake Loop, Stanley Lake Creek, Bench Creek, Elk Mountain Trail, Fisher Creek, and Boundary Loop.

Where can I stay between biking trips?

There are a variety of options when it comes to where to stay each night. Some people enjoy camping at popular sites or renting a travel van, while others prefer the accommodations offered by a hotel or cabin. Check out our Business Directory for ideas.

Can I bring my own bike or rent a bike?

You can bring your own bike or rent a bike from one of the local outfitters, purchase a biking map, and head out on your own if you choose. Make a bike reservation in advance of your visit to ensure use. Depending on the time of year, and type of biking you want to do, our vendors offer several choices, including:

E-bikes - Feature a small motor that helps you ride longer and faster. They require charging to maintain battery life. They save your legs and are a great option if you are new to biking. E-bikes are perfect for high mountain lakes, single track, exploring off-trail,and backcountry roads.

Mountain bikes - Traditional mountain bikes are specially designed for off-road cycling. They are heavier than road bikes, have tires with aggressive tread, and are meant to increase balance and durability. They are meant for mountain, single-track, and other unpaved trails.

Fat tire bikes - Bicycles built with oversized tires. They perform best on unstable terrains such as snow and sand.

Can I bring my own bike or rent a bike in Stanley, Idaho

When is biking season in Stanley, Idaho?

Mountain biking season, and the time of year when you can get a guided tour, runs from June 1st – October 1st due to mud and rain. You can rent fat bikes during the winter during the festival.

Book a Guided Biking Tour

Visitors can hire a Mountain Bike Guide to explore the area's best trails. Call one of our recommended outfitters and let them know what type of biking tour you seek. Your guide will cater a private tour for your group without other parties and which matches your biking abilities. Whether your group has beginning or expert riders, a guided bike tour is a great way to experience the wilderness around Stanley. You can take our word for it or read the many Google, and Trip Advisor reviews yourself!

Guidebooks and Maps

Adventure Maps

One of the best trail maps for the area is the Sawtooth/White Cloud, Idaho Trail Map and Guide by Adventure Maps, Inc which can be purchased online or locally.

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Adventure Cycling

The Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route guides riders over and through the breathtaking landscape of central Idaho.

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Stanley Trails App

A great app for the trail network is the Stanley Trails app available in the App Store and on iTunes.

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