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One of the unique aspects of Stanley is its year-round appeal due to the hundreds of miles of trails spanning out into the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. This is especially important if you love motorsports. During warmer months, you can ride ATVs to traverse stunning landscapes, and as the seasons change, and snow begins to fall, you can continue to have fun by snowmobiling through powdery snow drifts. The snow-capped mountains, shimmering lakes, and lush forests create a breathtaking backdrop for your snowmobile or ATV adventures. As you traverse the trails, no matter what time of year, you'll be surrounded by awe-inspiring vistas at every turn that are just as amazing as they sound!

Contact a Chamber Member to Rent an ATV/UTV or Snowmobile

A few Stanley Sawtooth Chamber members in the Stanley area rent out motorsport vehicles. The season for renting them depends heavily on Mother Nature.

ATV/UTV and motorcycle rentals usually start around Memorial Day weekend (after mud season) and run through the end of September.

Rentals for snowmobiles depend on the snow and trail conditions. Generally, they begin in late December through the end of March.

Contact a Chamber Member to Rent an ATV/UTV or Snowmobile in Stanley, Idaho

What to Know Before You Go

Before embarking on a motorsport adventure in Stanley, being well-prepared is essential. Here are a few key things to know:


While Idaho does not require a license for snowmobiling, you must have a motorcycle endorsement or instruction permit to ride motorcycles. For OHV, if you do not have a valid motor vehicle license, you must take an OHV safety course that is IDPR-approved. Riders who are 15 and under must be supervised by their parents. If you bring your own motorsport vehicles, ensure they are numbered, licensed, and permitted according to state law.

Trails for Every Skill Level

Stanley boasts a diverse network of trails catering to all skill levels; from gentle winding paths to challenging terrains. Stanley has it all, whether you seek a leisurely exploration or an adrenaline-pumping thrill.

Check the Trail Conditions in Stanley, Idaho

Stay informed about the trail conditions in advance of your trip. Check with Stanley’s local visitor center or snowmobile club for updates on trail closures, weather conditions, avalanche warnings, or any other potential hazards. You can also check our live webcams to understand what Stanley looks like in real time.

Wear Safety Gear and Dress Warm

Always prioritize safety by wearing the necessary protective gear for motorsports. Helmets, goggles, gloves, and sturdy boots are essential for ATV and snowmobile riders. And since Stanley averages lows below 35 degrees in the late part of winter, you’ll want to make sure to layer up on clothing to stay warm.

Recreate Responsibly

Stanley, Idaho, is renowned for its pristine wilderness. Show respect for the environment by staying on designated ATV/UTV and snowmobile trails, avoiding sensitive areas, and following recreate responsibly principles. Watch for wildlife and maintain a safe distance to preserve their natural habitat.

Maximize Your Day of Play by Staying in Town

When you treat Stanley, Idaho, as a base camp for your adventure, you can stay out and enjoy your day a little longer. Then, after working up an appetite and getting tired, you can return to the welcoming comfort of delicious food at one of the local restaurants and a warm bed at one of our local hotels & motels or vacation home & cabin rentals.

Book a Snowmobiling or Motorcross Expedition in Stanley, Idaho

If you're new to the Stanley area or prefer an expert-led experience, there are Chamber members that can offer guided expeditions. These knowledgeable leaders will not only enhance your safety and ensure you don't get lost, but they can also enrich your journey with fascinating insights about the local history, geology, and wildlife. Booking an ATV or snowmobile expedition can be fun for groups of family and friends because it provides an opportunity for adventure and bonding as you conquer trails together to create lasting memories.

Basing out of Stanley, you can ride in the four directions of the compass, and all you will need is more time to explore. This is because the Stanley Basin offers hundreds of miles of singletrack, double track, and dirt roads to explore. And when it comes to snowmobiling, there is almost unlimited groomed trail riding and backcountry sledding in the shadows of one of the most breathtaking mountain ranges anywhere. With over 185 miles of groomed trail riding and hundreds of square miles of backcountry terrain outside the wilderness boundaries, this is one of the last vestiges of the good old days. With a remote location far from population centers, you will have the place to yourself.

So, if you're looking to get away from the crowds this summer, fall, winter, or spring and see the Sawtooth Valley from a different perspective, this is a great way to do it. Immerse yourself in the serenity of nature, where the only sounds you'll hear are the engines revving and the wind whistling.

Book a Snowmobiling or Motorcross Expedition in Stanley, Idaho

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