Kid-Friendly Activities


Kids love the natural playground of the Sawtooth Valley. There is an abundance of things to do and see to keep them playing, exploring and learning from sunup to sundown.

Here are some kid-friendly activities…..

Rock Climbing
We all know kids are fearless and love to test their limits. So why not challenge them to a rock climbing adventure? The  Sawtooth Mountain Guides  will encourage them to climb beyond their comfort zone and persevere to new heights. Their mile wide smiles are contagious and will last your entire vacation. Imagine that! It’s not all about the kiddos in rock climbing…..adults love it too.

Are you looking for a fun and educational experience for your child this summer? Sign them up for a backcountry Sawtooth adventure! The  Sawtooth Alpine Kids Camp  is a five-day program (July 17 – 21) run by Sawtooth Mountain Guides introducing kids to rock climbing, hiking and camping while educating them in general mountain craft. Kids will gain confidence, learn problem-solving skills and meet new friends. It’s a win-win for your family!

It’s never too early to hike with your kids. Strap on a baby carrier backpack or walk hand-in-hand with your toddler. If given the opportunity, even teenagers find they like to hike. Buy guidebooks to teach them various bird and wildflower species. Be creative! Make up games such as counting butterflies or sing silly songs along the way.

The Stanley playground, located next to the school, is a favorite pastime for the kids. They can play for hours on the slides, swings, teeter-totter and climbing equipment. It’s a great way to keep them active and healthy. And let’s not forget, the fresh mountain air and running around will tire them out. Parents can soak in the Sawtooth views or find their inner child on the swings.

Here’s a thought…..order a pizza or sandwich from  Papa Brunees  and have a picnic in the park.

Whitewater Rafting
Are you ready for a big-kid adventure? Take your family whitewater rafting. The record snow fall this winter continues to offer rafters an exciting trip on the Upper Main Salmon River. Depending on your children’s ages, your family can take a scenic float or kick it up a notch and paddle your way through ‘Piece of Cake’ and ‘The Narrows’. The genuine smile on your kid’s faces (and yours!) will have you booking another rafting trip before you leave Stanley.

Family Fun on the Upper Main Salmon

Redfish Visitors Center
Being a child is all about discovering new things. The naturalist’s exuberant personalities and knowledge of the area offers a fun learning experience. Let the naturalists answer all their ‘why’ questions while participating in their programs at the  Redfish Visitors Center .

  • Nature Walk
  • Junior Rangers Program
  • Wilderness Explorer Programs
  • Discovery Stations
  • Lady of the Lake Boat Tours
  • Evening Programs

Introduce your youngsters to fishing. Children can cast their lines in the kids fishing pond at the Sawtooth Fish Hatchery. Daily tours of the hatchery at 1:30pm provide an educational experience on their key role in protecting the salmon, chinook and steelhead.

Did you know the Idaho Fish and Game stock trout in area lakes and ponds? Stop into  McCoy’s Tackle and Gift Shop  for the latest fishing and stocking info, rental equipment, licenses and tried-and-true advice.

Stanley is a place where the entire family can enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Blog written by Erica Cole