Retired? Plan the Perfect Road Trip to Stanely, Idaho!


Driving to Stanley, Idaho, Is A Beautiful Road Trip!

The scenic views leading to Stanley, Idaho, are some of the world's most beautiful, which lend to being a memorable and enjoyable destination for retired people. It is just a short 62-mile/1.25-hour drive from Sun Valley, Idaho, and a 133-mile/2.75-hour drive from Boise. Drivable distances from other major cities include:

  • 289 miles/5 hours from Jackson, Wyoming
  • 316 miles/5.75 hours from Helena, Montana
  • 354 miles/ 5.5 hours from Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 417 miles/ 7.5 hours from Spokane, Washington
  • 532 miles/ 8.75 hours from Portland, Oregon
  • 544 miles/ 9 hours from Reno, Nevada
  • 597 miles/ 9.5 hours from Seattle, Washington
  • 726 miles/11.75 hours from Calgary, Canada
Two people in a van during the Idaho wintertime

Whichever city you're planning your trip from, you'll be awestruck when you arrive in Stanley and step out of your vehicle to experience the towering presence of the Sawtooth Mountains, the crispness of the mountain air, the beauty of pristine waters, the preserved scenic forest of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, the quaint character of the town, and the kind hospitality & slower pace of life modeled by Stanley residents.

Where Is the Best Place to Stay in Stanley, Idaho?

If you've traveled to Stanley in your RV, consider staying at:

If you're celebrating your retirement by treating yourself to a bit more luxury, you may prefer to stay in a rustic mountain cabin, hotel, or well-appointed luxury home such as:

Beckwith Lodge: (208) 939-8936 | Hwy 75, Stanley

French Creek Ranch: (208) 860-1208 | 178 French Creek Rd., Clayton

Ol' Dredge Cabin: (208) 631-5081 | 215 Ramey Creek, Stanley

Redfish Lake Lodge: (208) 774-3536 | 401 Redfish Lodge Rd., Stanley

Sawtooth Vista Rentals: (208) 721-8717 | 415 Park Creek Dr., Stanley

Yankee Fork Cabin: (208) 631-6722 | 155 Dredge Camp Rd., Stanley

Sawtooth Hotel: (208) 721-2459 | 755 Ace of Diamonds St., Stanley

Pro Tip: Book your lodging well in advance to ensure you have a place to stay when you arrive.

A sign for an RV park and campsite in Stanely, Idaho

When Is The Best Time to Visit Stanley, Idaho, If You're Retired?

Depending on the experience you are hoping to have, it might be beneficial to visit Stanley, Idaho, during a particular season. We recommend checking out our blog and seasonal guides to learn what businesses are open, what recreation is available, and what events are happening to determine which time of year beckons you the most.

Pro Tip: The beauty of being retired is that you can arrive during the less busy weekdays and non-holiday weekends to maximize your experience without competition from crowds.

What Are The Top Things to Do in Stanley When You're Retired?

Below are a few suggestions of things to add to your itinerary if this is your first trip to Stanley:

A camper next to a lake in front of mountains

Stanley is a beautiful town in remote Idaho that is in harmony with mother nature regarding the pace of life and things to do. It's no wonder it makes for the perfect excursion for those who are retired! With so many incredible experiences to be had and in such a serene mountainscape, it's not farfetched to say, "We'll see you again soon!"

For more ideas of what to do in Stanley, Idaho, visit our Things to Do page.

By: Amber Hawton-Hill