Annual Sawtooth Festival Unites Locals and Visitors; Raises Nonprofit Grant Money Through Art, Crafts, and Food


From summer through winter, Stanley, Idaho is a destination for tourists looking to experience a beloved small town, its native wildlife, the surrounding miles of majestic wilderness, and the mountain lifestyle that accompanies it all. Residents of Stanley hospitably welcome all who are willing to make the trek through the Sawtooth National Forest. To get the most out of their visit, travelers should consider arriving during one of the town’s many events such as the Sawtooth Festival.

A close up photo of the information booth at the Sawtooth Festival

What Is the Sawtooth Festival in Stanley, Idaho?

Not to be confused with Sawtooth Salmon Festival established in 2000 and held annually in August to educate the public about endangered salmon and their lifecycle, the Sawtooth Festival was newly established in 2021 and is held during the third weekend in July to fundraise for local nonprofits. The Sawtooth Festival itself is a 501 3c nonprofit and is led by a team of dedicated volunteers. Profits raised during the event are awarded back to the Sawtooth Valley community in the form of grants announced later in the fall.

A photo of one of the vendor tents at the Sawtooth Festival

What Is There to Do During Stanley’s Sawtooth Festival?

The Stanley Sawtooth Chamber of Commerce is a major sponsor of the well-attended event which showcases over 80 vendors and hosts musical performances. Attending the festival offers an excellent opportunity to immerse into the beautifully rugged environment and community culture to unite with locals for a positive cause. According to Sawtooth Festival's website, “The mission of the Sawtooth Festival is to promote the business and nonprofit community in Stanley, Idaho through arts, crafts, music, and food.”


Take a bit of Stanley home with you through photographers, painters, ceramicists, and other fine artisans who’ve captured the magic of the Sawtooth Valley in their work.


Shop a multitude of jewelry, sewing, crocheting, macrame, and other crafty vendors as you stroll through the festival’s booths and get to know the locals. Follow along on the @sawtoothfestival Facebook page for highlights showcasing each vendor.


Enjoy the dulcet melodies of regional musical artists. A full line-up can be viewed before the event on the Music page of the event's website.


Nosh on local eats and quench your thirst with regional craft beers as you experience the culture of Stanley, Idaho.

A photo of the tent for the Sawtooth Interpretive and Historical Association at the Sawtooth Festival

What Else Should You Know About the Sawtooth Festival in Stanley, Idaho?

  • Location: The Sawtooth Festival occurs on the Mountain Village Lawn; 325 Eva Falls Avenue, Stanley, Idaho 83278, United States
  • Lodging: If you are planning to stay overnight, start looking for a vacation rental, hotel room, campsite, RV space, or cabin as soon as possible. Spaces fill quickly. Visit our resource Where to Stay / Lodging to discover accommodations.
  • FREE Two-Day, Family-Friendly Event: The Sawtooth Festival in Stanley, Idaho, is set for the third weekend in July. Activities are planned to suit the whole family, and there is no fee to participate, so come ready to have fun!
  • Pets: While the event is family-friendly, it is not pet-friendly. So, make sure to keep your furry friends at home.
  • Smoking/ Vaping: There will be designated areas for smoking/vaping.
  • Outside Food or Beverage: Please leave outside eats, drinks, and coolers at home. Only food within the festival will be allowed. Since this is a fundraising event, your purchases, including food and beverages are appreciated and they contribute towards the grants we can award.
  • WIFI and Banking: These will not be available on the premise, so please prepare accordingly.
  • Grants: Applications and deadline information will be made available on the Giving Back page of the Sawtooth Festival’s website.
  • Stay up to Date: For information about this year’s event, you can visit , subscribe to the Instagram hashtag #sawtoothfest, and follow @sawtoothfestival on Facebook and Instagram.

Mark Your Calendars for The Sawtooth Festival in Stanley, Idaho

We would love to see you at the Sawtooth Festival and greatly appreciate your support for Stanley, Idaho, and the Sawtooth Valley nonprofits who benefit from the grant money you'll help raise!

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Written by: Amber Hawton-Hill