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Not much is better than waking up to the sun just hitting the Sawtooth Peaks, stepping out into the chilly mountain air, and slipping into a pool of natural hot water. Besides, maybe, doing so after a long hike or a day of skiing.

In Stanley, this can easily be done. Stanley is situated over the Idaho Batholith, a granite formation fractured by faults. Through each fault, hot water from deep in the earth’s core rushes up, spilling out onto the surface, creating pools, mixing with streams, making steamy gathering places for the weary adventurer.

As a result of the faults, Stanley is surrounded by hot springs. Whether at the destination of a long hike or right next to the road out of town, the hot springs of Stanley bring an essence of paradise to the area.

Hot Springs in Stanley, Idaho | Stanley Chamber of Commerce

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Did you know there is a chamber member that will shuttle you to hot springs around Stanley? We also have a chamber member business that rents out a partially indoor hot spring located in town for use by members who stay at its resort.

What to Know Before You Go to A Hot Springs Near Stanley

How Hot Are Hot Springs?

The water temperature of geothermal springs around Stanley can vary, but most of the soakable hot springs are around 98-104 degrees. Many are close enough to the river that you can use the cold water to help adjust them to a comfortable temperature.

Who Can Use Hot Springs?

You should always clear using hot springs with your doctor prior to soaking. People with certain health risks (heart concerns, pregnancy, high blood pressure, etc.) may discover they are unsuitable for use.

What Should You Wear to Soak in Hot Springs?

The ideal outfit for soaking in hot springs is a swimming suit and river shoes. Street clothes are inappropriate, and you should remove jewelry since the water can damage it, or you could lose it. Be aware that some people prefer not to wear clothing.

How Long Can You Stay in a Hot Spring?

Taking breaks from the hot springs every 10-15 minutes is recommended.

Does it Cost to Use Hot Springs, Near Stanley?

Idaho has 130 soakable hot springs. Many are free to utilize and are managed by volunteers, while others may charge a nominal fee since a staff maintains them and offer private soaking pools.

Which Hot Springs Are Near Stanley?

Listed below are some of the hot springs you can enjoy around Stanley. For additional information about each, please visit .

Hot Springs Etiquette

  • Be a good steward. Hot springs belong to everyone; welcome people that arrive after you.
  • Recreate responsibly. Pack it in, pack it out: pick up any trash you find and leave the area cleaner than you found it. Never bring glass.
  • Keep noise to a minimum. People often come to hot springs for their therapeutic benefits. Help to keep the experience relaxing.
  • Do not use shampoo or soap in the hot spring as it can disrupt the ecosystem and minerals, and many hot springs do not drain, so soaps accumulate and can last a long time. Likewise, do not pee in the hot spring.

Things To Do While You Are In Stanley

After a fantastic time relaxing in hot springs, you may be looking for a few other activities in Stanley to round out the perfect day. Here are a few ideas:

Or, for more outdoor recreation options, book a guided tour with one of our experienced outfitters to go fishing, biking, hiking, climbing, horseback trail riding, river rafting, or skiing.

Things To Do While You Are In Stanley

Hot Springs

Stanley Area Hot Springs

  • Basin Creek Campground
  • Basin Creek (Cove/Kem)
  • Bear Valley
  • Bonus
  • Boundary Creek
  • Dagger Creek
  • Elkhorn (Boat Box)
  • Mormon Bend
  • Sheepeater
  • Sitting Bull
  • Snake Pit
  • Trail Flat

North of Stanley on Hwy 75 Hot Springs

  • Lunch break Warm Spring
  • Owen Cabin
  • Slate Creek (Hoodoo)
  • Sunbeam
  • Upper Loon

West of Stanley on Hwy 21 Hot Springs

  • Bonneville
  • Deadwood
  • Kirkham
  • Pine Flats
  • Sacajawea
  • Tenmile